Chef Raisie Saad

Raisie Saad, Chef of Cedarstar catering, is a professionally trained chef who specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine.  A product of the Bishulim Culinary Institute of Tel Aviv, she has since worked in restaurants both in Tel Aviv and New York City.  Influenced by her Lebanese Jewish background, Raisie gives a modern twist to traditional techniques. 

Order set platters for your corporate, personal or special events, or reach out to find out more about full service catering options. Menus can be specifically catered towards each client’s unique tastes and dietary restrictions.*

*All ingredients are Kosher and cooked in a Kosher kitchen.


Jason, Monthly Corporate Lunch

​It's like eating the most delicious home cooked meal... if I were an incredible  cook!

Jacquelyn, Full Service Brunch

My husband and  I are so happy to have worked with you and your staff. We barely felt you there, and were able to enjoy ourselves without worrying too much about hosting. Thank you for the delicious food, and wonderful service!

Ellen, Party Platters

"Thank you for a delicious meal! From the presentation to the taste, my guests loved everything that you made!